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Loose Wing


Loose Wing’s sound is a hook-laden, swirling blend of psychedelic Americana and old-school college rock, dark and sometimes ominous yet rooted in indie-pop tradition. The songs are written by Claire Tucker, whom you may recognize as guitarist and vocalist from Seattle psych-gaze mainstays Black Nite Crash. Claire is joined by her husband Jack Peters on bass, and the lineup is filled out by Bill Patton (Fleet Foxes, J. Tillman, Gold Leaves) on pedal steel and guitar, and the truly extraordinary drummer-about-town Aimee Zoe (Harborrats).


Loose Wing self-released their debut album in 2019, with local luminary Rusty Willoughby (Flop, Pure Joy, Cobirds Unite) on drums, earned notable accolades from the likes of Greil Marcus who in a short Rolling Stone piece favorably compared the band to legendary Seattle artist Merilee Rush, best-known for her 1968 hit “Angel of the Morning,” and did a brief tour down the west coast before the pandemic froze everything. Claire used the time to focus on solo albums – the chamber-pop EP Same Old Hunters in ’20 and the new wave infused Interior Monolith in ’21, both showcasing the breadth and depth of her songwriting and studio chops.


Fast forward to November 2023 and Loose Wing have released their sophomore album Miracle Baby, building on the band’s indie-pop-rock sensibilities while benefiting from the time Claire spent honing her songwriting skills during the pandemic. After waiting in the wings for several years, now feels like the right time for this rock solid and inspiring band to have their moment!

"With their welcome return, Loose Wing seem to be asking questions that really cut close to the bone. Claire Tucker’s own take on 'contemporary humanity' isn’t a scathing takedown, it’s an arm around the shoulder, a question asked, can we change things? Can we be better to one another? And when she sings it with such beauty and gusto, it’s hard not to believe for the duration of a three-minute pop song that anything is possible." - For the Rabbits, UK

"Seattle has produced an unquantifiable amount of outstanding indie rock, and now Loose Wing are serving as an example that the area’s still got it."
- Uproxx

photo: Joshua Simons

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