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Rusty Willoughby


From his formative days in the early-mid 1980's as songwriter and bandleader of the Dwindles (later to change their name to Pure Joy), a lysergic rock band in the vein of the UK's neo-psychedelic Teardrop Explodes, to his emergence as power punk pop contender fronting Flop in the '90s, and a whole bunch of solo records in recent years, Rusty Willoughby's prolificness is virtually unmatched among his peers.

In the past decade Willoughby's creative output has continued unabated, recording a spate of superb, mostly self-released solo and project albums beginning with a self-titled debut recorded by Kurt Bloch released in 1999, the stark, darkly-beautiful Filament Dust (2008), the Americana-tinged Cobirds Unite (2010) recorded with co-vocalist Rachel Flotard of Visqueen and originally released on her Local 638 Records label, Adult Soft Record (2012), Anti (2013), and the power pop Llama (2015) recorded with multi-instrumentalist producer Johnny Sangster, Chemistry Set's Scott Sutherland and reunited with original Pure Joy drummer Jim Hunnicutt.

In addition to songwriting, singing and guitaring, Willoughby has played drums for The Fastbacks and more recently, Loose Wing.

For those of us who like comparisons... and let's face it, we all pretty much do... Rusty Willoughby's self-reflective pop songcraft recalls the likes of the aforementioned Julian Cope of Teardrop Explodes, John Lennon, Elvis Costello, the Kinks, Elliott Smith, and Dylan (especially on Filament Dust).

"All of Willoughby’s disparate projects share his calling cards - namely a slightly-bent pop sense, sharp and self-lacerating lyrical sensibilities, and his unchanged, distinctive schoolboy tenor voice.."  
- Tony Kay for Artist Home, 2017

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