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Claire Tucker


Arriving on the Seattle music scene in the 00’s during a peak time for singer-songwriters, Claire Tucker cut her teeth playing acoustic coffee-house gigs with lo-fi band IcyPaw before graduating to playing shows with another of her early bands Swaybacks at venerable local venues such as The Crocodile and the Sunset.

After taking a break to start a family, Tucker came to the realization that she can’t live without making music and joined one of Seattle’s preeminent shoegaze bands Black Nite Crash as a guitarist and sometime songwriter, a group that she continues to play with. Tucker would go on to form her own band Loose Wing as another outlet for her prolific songwriting, recruiting bassist Jack Peters and multi-instrumentalist Bill Patton as core members. In 2019 they released their excellent debut self-titled album recorded and co-produced by Johnny Sangster with Seattle’s legendary bandleader Rusty Willoughby on drums.

From her lush, layered, swirling guitar work in Black Nite Crash to the deep and richly poetic lyrics and melodies of Loose Wing, Tucker has demonstrated an artistic range that continues to evolve with the release of two stunning solo albums, beginning with her 2020 chamber-pop debut EP Same Old Hunters (co-produced by Colin J. Nelson). In November 2021 Tucker released Interior Monolith that shows her stretching her writing and music production chops with a set of new songs leaning toward the synth-pop, new wave and electronic music that she grew up listening to.

Tucker is a bright and illuminating songwriter and musician, our favorite kind of artist – restless, prolific, never content to stay in one place, always surprising us with new ideas and new sounds.

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photo: Tricia Cassels

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