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Greg Dember


Greg Dember is a singer, pianist, multi-instrumentalist and writer of wonderfully imaginative and downright catchy songs about everyday people; shining a light on the extraordinary and the mundane that exists within us all.

Greg's musical arrangements on his newest record North of the Night Street are built around his accomplished but always understated piano and baritone ukulele playing, thoughtfully adding a viola or trumpet here, pedal steel guitar there, in addition to guitar, bass and drums... all with a deft touch, each instrument delicately and loyally serving its song. Greg's whimsically evocative lyrics and music bring to mind eels combined with piano and composing chops that would feel right at home in the Rufus Wainwright songbook.

Greg has collaborated with many fine musicians, some of whom you'll find elsewhere in Drums & Wires, including Rusty Willoughby (Cobirds UniteLoose Wing, Pure Joy, Llama), Anne Marie Ruljancich (Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter, Mike Dumovich), Ed Brooks (Night Vines, Walkabouts recordist), Matthew Brown (The Transmissionary Six, Hannah Ramone, Walkabouts recordist), Terri Pearson (Terri TarantulaThe Walkabouts, The Transmissionary Six) and recordist, producer, musician Johnny Sangster (Loose Wing, JR Rhodes, Mark Lanegan, The Posies, Neko Case), to name but a few.

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