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Three Leaf Clover

"Three Leaf Clover is a haunting album with semi-clear-non-distorted guitars and Tennis’ somber vocals. This is a great album for fans of The Velvet Underground, Galaxie 500, and Luna. Listen to the song ‘Summer’ and you’ll hear something that The Velvet Underground [might have] recorded in a Nashville studio."

- Erasing Clouds

"...beautifully sparse and full of slow, steamy guitar riffs. The bucolic ballad “This Town” injects the simplest quotidian phrases with all the sadness and claustrophobia of small town life (at the beginning a waitress asks, “What’ll you have? What’ll you have?”). Opener “Teenage Daughter” name-drops Kris Kristofferson’s “Sunday Morning Coming Down” and manages to pay homage to the country classic, while also painting its own distinct emotional landscape, by tapping into a wistful regret that is as beautiful as it is achingly realized."

- Pop Matters

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