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Reggie Garrett


Reggie Garrett is a folk guitarist and singer-songwriter who has had a steady presence in the Seattle music scene for many years, playing his own heartfelt style of urban acoustic folk-rock, gospel, blues and more. In addition to performing as a solo artist in venues throughout the Pacific Northwest, Garrett also records and performs with his longstanding band the SnakeOil Peddlers featuring the tasteful and soulful guitar and keyboard playing of Richard Middleton, drummer/percussionist Will Dowd, whose deft rhythmic touch lifts up and compliments Garrett's distinctly rhythmic and percussive acoustic guitar style, and the extraordinary bass playing of Keith Lowe who can be found elsewhere in the Drums & Wires family (JR Rhodes, David Russell).

A source of inspiration for Reggie Garrett has been his involvement in the Bushwick Book Club, a group of musicians who get together to craft songs inspired by books they've read, keen to explore their musical journey's through the storytelling of authors as diverse as Barbara Kingsolver, Kurt Vonnegut and Jane Austen.

Notable amongst the many accolades Garrett has received for his music, he has been favorably compared to acoustic legends Richie Havens and Bill Withers by Dirty Linen magazine. These are apt comparisons and anyone who loves the music of these two towering artists will find much to love in the songcraft of Reggie Garrett.

"At a time when clearly Black Lives Matter so much, music also matters more than ever. Songwriters like Crys Matthews and Reggie Harris have found a voice to express what is happening. Now I’ve encountered another Reggie, Reggie Garrett, who makes a profound impression on his fifth album,  York’s Lament & Other Stories." 

- New Folk Initiative

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