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Witches! by The Black Watch (CD)

Witches! by The Black Watch (CD)


"On their 16th album, this iconic California band delivers another dose of irresistibly melodic indie pop with a sparkling psychedelic edge. The fluid & propulsive rhythms of the opening songs have a distinct New Order flavor, which eases into the gentle flow and peculiarity of British folk/pop. Still, the essence of the album revolves around its hook-driven indie pop nature, bolstered by the exceptional songwriting of leader John Andrew Fredrick. Some songs soar with a gently expansive beauty & grace; some bounce about with a trippy acid-folk/rock feel; others ride a metric momentum to the land of faerie stars and happy hum-along guitar chord pop bliss. Sometimes recalls bands/artists such as The House Of Love, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Robyn Hitchcock, Elf Power, The Smoking Trees, New Order, The Essence Green, The Apples In Stereo. The Black Watch always make good albums. Occasionally, they make one that rises above the pack and demands your attention. “Witches” is one of those."


- Charlie Edwards, AllMusic Guide

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