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Postcards by Cozy Slippers (CD)

Postcards by Cozy Slippers (CD)


"Seattle trio Cozy Slippers display their bright, shining tunes on their new EP Postcards featuring more versatility and power than ever before. On their previous release, Late Night in Summertime, the three-piece introduced their nostalgia-slathered, surf-rock vibe, and on Postcards, listeners receive more of this loveable style, but with some additional twists and turns that weren’t seen on their debut EP.


Cozy Slippers’ signature sound is best seen on the first track, “Not Hard To Say Goodbye.” Warm, jangly guitar riffs are cranked out relentlessly under the sweet, straightforward harmonies provided by Sarah Engel and Barbara Barrilleaux, creating a modern day Beach Boys feeling. However, the three piece doesn’t just stick to this particular vibe throughout the entire EP,  instead they take themselves out of their comfort zone throughout the Postcard’s other tracks.


“Back And Forth” stands out as another memorable song off of the Jigsaw Records release. Its glittering riffs possess a dark, new-wave-esque undertone, slightly reminiscent of The Smiths. Its chorus, which constantly repeats the phrase “Can’t get this out of my head / Back and forth, back and forth” is the type of memorable and catchy melody that would be perfect on any summer playlist.


The biggest standout track on Postcards is the final piece “You started this.” Cozy Slippers takes a break from their quick, danceable tracks and brings the tempo down with an acoustic, meaningful slowburner. This provides an opportunity for the lyrics and vocals to shine like never before, and Cozy Slippers’ talent is put on a vibrant display."


- Yasmin Ettobi, Northwest Music Scene

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