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Led Zeppelin Five by The Black Watch (CD)

Led Zeppelin Five by The Black Watch (CD)


"The title of Led Zeppelin Five isn’t just a cheeky music nerd reference — the band’s eleventh full-length record contains some of TBW’s loudest, crunchiest numbers. “Earl Grey Tea” (sung by new guitarist Steven Schayer, formerly of the Chills), “Emily, Are You Sleeping?” and the stunning “How Much About Love” rock harder than anything in the group’s past, yet uphold Frederick’s trademark lyricism. The latter quality stands out more blatantly on the record’s less frenetic numbers, of course, letting “Kinda Sorta,” “Like in the Movies” and the beautifully winsome “The Stars in the Sky” make their cases via pretty melodies and personable singing. The skronk guitar solo in “Kinda Sorta” adds just the right note of bitter to the sweet — The Black Watch in a nutshell. Be sure to hang around after the final track to be treated to an amp-frying take on TBW spiritual forebear George Harrison’s Beatles-era gem “It’s All Too Much.”"


- The Trouser Press

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