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Hearts & Coffins EP by Old Ghost (CD)

Hearts & Coffins EP by Old Ghost (CD)


Old Ghost was a band formed in Seattle in 1999 when Jody Schaible and Stuart Wolferman got together with Paul Hutzler and began recording and performing Paul’s songs. Soon drummer Al Echison and multi-instrumentalists Ray Taylor and Zach Erb joined the group and they recorded two albums: Light Returns and Hearts and Coffins, both offered by Drums & Wires Recordings. Another notable guest musician on both recordings is solo artist Bill Patton who is also a member of Loose Wing.


In addition to being the singer, guitarist and songwriter for Old Ghost, Paul Hutzler is an excellent pedal-steel guitar player who has made appearances on numerous albums including Davidson Hart Kingsbery's self-titled album. Echison and Taylor also play in Drums & Wires Records' house band The Sad, Sad Songs with label founder Michael Wells and Katy Palmer of Long Wasted. 

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