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Cozy Slippers by Cozy Slippers (CD)

Cozy Slippers by Cozy Slippers (CD)


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"I premiered [Haunting Her] from Seattle band Cozy Slippers. Today I'm happy to be able to rave a bit about their new self-titled album. It's full of the sort of jangle-rock that it's hard to stay impartial about. That lead single "Haunting Her" is here, along with shimmering gems like "Nobody Knows Me, Anyhow", a yearning Blake Babies-ish number. Elsewhere, "I Can't Keep You Safe" has a deft melodic hook that gives the mid-tempo selection some urgency, while "No Room for the Sun" is like something The Bangles or Belly could have taken and gone in other directions with. It is, like everything on Cozy Slippers, well-constructed college rock, for lack of a better term. Cozy Slippers sound like so many of the good things I liked in the Nineties that it's hard not to highlight the throwback charms of this trio's approach. That's not to say this doesn't stand on its own, of course. The music here is easy to love, and there's not a dud here. For this listener at least, that's high praise, as I wish more bands could be as direct and unaffected as Cozy Slippers. Pure pop is sometimes a thing of beauty and there's lots to recommend about Cozy Slippers."- A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed


Released October 14, 2022

Cozy Slippers are:
Barbara Barrilleaux
Sarah Engel
Steven Skelton

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Cozy Slippers

“Be Alone With Me” was recorded by Marian Macapinlac
Production assistance by Dylan Wall
Mixed by Dylan Wall at Tastefully Loud and 7 Hills Studio
Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering
Lacquer cut by Moritz Illner at Duophonic GmbH
Artwork and design by Kelli Lewis at Kelli Design

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