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Labasheeda (photo by Nicolas Haumann) circle.jpg



Dutch band Labasheeda make intelligent but not emotionless, angular rock music; it's a brooding sound with touchstones in the post rock (some gorgeous violin playing) and post-hardcore camps a la Sonic Youth.

Since 2004, the band has released several albums and EPs and has performed extensively on stages at home and abroad. The unorthodox use of violin, the often deviating time signatures, and Saskia van der Giessen’s distinctive voice give the band its unique sound.

Blueprints is the new album by this wonderful, idiosyncratic Amsterdam rock trio.

Labasheeda are:

Saskia van der Giessen – vocals, guitar, violin, viola, piano
Arne Wolfswinkel – guitar, bass guitar, piano
Bas Snabilie – drums, marimba, synthesizer, percussion

photo: Nicolas Haumann

" The urgency really shines through... think of an idiosyncratic cross-pollination of Baby Fire, Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Tuxedomoon, AC Berkheimer and Opium Den. Power, beauty and well-thought-out material make for a compelling and exciting listening adventure. Their very best to date and that says a lot in [Labasheeda's] case. "

- Jan Willem, De Subjectivisten, Netherlands

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