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Last Side of the Mountain

"The material for the bulk of this album comes from an unusual source: here Chris Eckman sets to music some of the stark poems of the late Slovenian Dane Zacj who he places in the pantheon alongside Townes Van Zandt.

There is an elemental quality to these images and lyrics, and the indifference of the world, the price you'll pay for life, matters of belief and other weighty ideas. But Eckman sets them to memorable (beautifully produced, and intimate, uplifting) melodies. Guitars gently soar, synths add scale and texture, the orchestration is supportive and elevating. 


Originally from Seattle, Eckman has been living in Slovenia for many years and here brings that quality to the music too in the company of local players. One to definitely check out and immerse yourself in. Especially if the name Leonard Cohen means anything to you."

- Graham Reid, Elsewhere

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